This presentation covers how to create target zones on the morning of a
potential storm chase.  I figure that most of us like to stay within 6 hours of
an intended target.  However some chasers don’t mind driving 8 hours or
more to get to a target.  Either way, the material in this presentation focuses on a
methodology that will maximize your chances of satisfying your objectives in a storm

I designed this talk with the assumption that you know the basics in meteorological analysis.
In other words, you should be familiar with plotting, analyzing and understanding
surface and upper air data.  You should also be familiar with radar, satellite, profiler
data and the numerical models most used in day-1 chase forecasting (e.g., RUC, ETA, AVN).

I gave this talk for the first time early in 2002 as part of Tim Vasquez’s forecasting class.
Tim’s class is held with only several students at his house.  It is this kind of setting with
one-on-one interaction that brings out the best in this presentation. Afterall, it is very difficult
to describe my drawing and annotations that I often do in person.